Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy:

  1. The privacy and security of users are our first concern. We only collect necessary personal information. If users don't buy or sell goods, they only need to provide email addresses; and they can publish articles, leave messages to other authors or comment on other articles.
  2. We will only send emails to users when they registered or when they changed personal information.
  3. We don't use COOKIES to save personal information.
  4. The password will be generated by program; the original text will be encrypted into hash code and will be saved in our database; We don't provide any method to decrept the original text, and we don't use any function of decryption.
  5. We also encrypt other important personal information appropriately.
  6. Without the permission of users, we don't provide any personal information to other people or organizations.
  7. We don't have any add-on or spy-ware.

We may update this policy properly in the future; however, we will not change our purpose -- to protect the privacy and security of users.